Grow the City Rotterdam: Connecting the dots


GROW the city organiseerde in samenwerking met Nutriëntplatform, Eetbaar Rotterdam en de gemeente R’dam op donderdag 10 juli j.l. een tweetal sessies rond “Nutriënten oogsten in Rotterdam”. Arine Valstar (ETC) doet (in het Engels) verslag van deze goedbezochte bijeenkomsten.

In the last ‘stadslandbouwcafe’ of a series of four GROW the City Cafes, the magic word was “connecting”. The café in Rotterdam marked the end of a series in which we have been in Groningen, Utrecht and Almere to talk about different themes within urban agriculture.

A divers group of people was attracted by the topic of “Harvesting Nutrients in Rotterdam”, including city farmers, civil servants and policy makers, researchers, entrepreneurs and civil society organisations. All sharing an interest in the circular economy, in this case in reusing or recycling nutrients for increased efficiency.

Lees meer hier op de blog van GROW the City.


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